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Teacher Accused Of Threatening To Cut Off Student’s Penis During Kickball Game

A former middle school teacher in Kentucky has pleaded not guilty to accusations that she threatened to cut off a student’s penis and shove it down his throat during a kickball game.

Chrystal Graham was charged with second-degree disorderly conduct over the alleged incident, which occurred at Anderson County Middle School on the last day of school in 2017, according to the Anderson News.

Although her attorney entered the plea of not guilty on her behalf in March, Graham herself was in court on Thursday when the judge set a trial date of Aug. 14, according to local station WLEX TV.

The incident began when Graham was playing kickball with a group of students, one of whom jumped on another’s back, according to court documents obtained by the Louisville Courier-Journal. A witness told police they heard the teacher tell the student to get off the other player “or I’ll cut your dick off and shove it down your throat.” 

A short time later, Graham allegedly used both middle fingers to flip off the student who witnessed the earlier exchange.

Graham also allegedly told students to target another teacher in the game, saying, “On three, kick Durbin’s ass,” the Courier-Journal reported.

“All of these actions took place in the company of several juvenile students and school staff during a public school function, causing a physically offensive condition serving no legitimate purpose,” according to the complaint.

The father of the boy allegedly threatened by Graham told the Anderson News that he was furious no one from the school district told him about the incident, even though officials did notify child protective services and law enforcement.

“I never got a call from the school. A social worker knocked on our door and wanted to talk to our son about the situation. That’s how we found out,” the father told the paper.

The dad also said his son was told by school staff not to discuss the incident with anyone.

Graham was not fired. The Anderson County superintendent’s office told local station WKYT that she had already resigned from her job about two weeks before that kickball game.

Although the incident happened in mid-2017, a summons for Graham’s arrest was not signed by a judge until May 18, 2018.

Graham, who moved about 60 miles away after the incident, was served the summons on March 12 of this year. The Courier-Journal notes that none of the court documents explain why it took so long to issue a warrant for her arrest or why it took so long to serve it.

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